Students, don’t you just love writing essays? I loved writing essays. I’m good at it, too; but no, sorry, I won’t write yours for you. Such a practice is immoral and you won’t get that warm and fuzzy sense of achievement when you graduate if you engage in collusion/academic misconduct. Where’s the fun in that?

You can find a compelling argument for why to avoid this type of wrongdoing here.

However, there may be some instances where I can help.

It’s likely that your particular institution has very specific guidelines about engaging professional editing and proofreading services, particularly if you’re an undergrad. Please ensure you check these before contacting me about any work. Please also read my Terms & Conditions carefully (download links at the bottom of the page). Once you have done this, the following is what I’ll need from you:

  • Sufficient time to do the work! I know this can be difficult at times, but bear in mind that editing and proofreading take more time than it takes to simply read through your assignment. You will also need time to check through my changes and comments and make any other revisions before submitting your work. I charge a premium for last-minute, evening and weekend work.
  • An accurate word count. I charge per 1,000 words for academic work. Please note that there is a minimum charge for a word count below 5,000.
  • A sample of your work of at least 1,000 words, preferably from somewhere in the middle. This is so that I can ascertain the level of intervention required and is particularly helpful if English is not your first language. If it is a very long piece, such as a PhD thesis, it may be best if you can send me the whole thing so that I can pick and choose several samples to examine. Doing so will help avoid any nasty surprises involving time or money for either of us if the sample you send is not representative of the overall quality of your paper.
  • The subject matter. I am better qualified in some areas than I am in others. It is not necessarily a bad thing to employ someone who isn’t overly familiar with your subject, however, as it forces a high degree of concentration. That said, however interesting it might be, if I think your subject matter is such that I have to do extensive research just to follow your argument, the process will probably take longer than either of us would like. In such cases, I recommend you search the SfEP’s Directory of Editorial Services for someone with more experience in your field of study.
  • Your level of study. Universities often have their own strict guidelines regarding the use of professional editing services. Please ensure you check these before contacting me.
  • Any style preferences for your institution. For example, double space after full point, straight or curly quotes, Harvard referencing etc.

My rates for students start from £10 per 1,000 words and I will endeavour to provide you with a final price before work commences, but please bear in mind that I reserve the right to renegotiate terms, including making the decision not to do the work at all, if I find that any sample you provide is not representative of the work overall. The price is based on the quality of the original work, the standard of your English and the turnaround time. For instance, if your written English needs a lot of help and you have a short deadline, I will be more likely to charge a higher rate. I charge a flat rate of £50 for work under 5,000 words (provided the language is relatively clear), with a 50% premium for a short deadline and 100% for weekend work, including bank holidays (I put this extra money towards doing fun things with my children to make up for time with them lost). I offer a 5% discount for payment in advance.

For the purposes of this guide, I consider a short deadline to be as follows: up to 5,000 words – 48-hour turnaround; 5–12,000 words – 72-hour turnaround; 12–20,000 words – 5-day turnaround; 20–40,000 words – 1 week turnaround; PhD thesis of 60–80,000 words – under 2 weeks’ turnaround.

Please download one of the following files to view my Terms & Conditions for students. Note that my general T&Cs also apply:

  • Click here for .docx format
  • Click here for PDF